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Start: Žacléř, Rýchorské náměstí, Saturday 24.8.2024 at 10.00
Finish: Žacléř, local part of Bobr, house no. 111 near the playground
Around the Republic 1500 km (checkpoints 1 - 8)
Around the Republic 900 km (checkpoints 1 - 4)
The route is not limited except for the checkpoints, participants can choose the route around the Czech Republic and abroad.
Categories: men, women, couples
Timekeeping: time runs non-stop for each competitor from start to finish
Time limit: the same for both routes, 7 days, i.e. 168 hours. But at the finish line we will wait for the last competitor.
Entry fee:
Around the Republic 1500/ 900
- until 31 December  2200 CZK singles / pairs 3600 CZK
- until 30 March        2600 CZK singles / pairs 3800 CZK
- until 30 May           2800 CZK singles / pairs 4000 CZK
- until 20 July           3000 CZK singles / pairs 4200 CZK
Cancellation fee: until the end of March 20%, until the end of May 40%, until 10 July 60%, from 11 July 100%.
Mapping of the race route: each competitor receives a tracker at the presentation, which he/she must keep in use during the entire participation in the race.
Checkpoints long route:
1 Kadaň Castle                       50.3749614N, 13.2697147E
2 Švihov Water Castle              49.4794433N, 13.2849981E
3 Golden Crown Monastery      48.8550531N, 14.3703339E
4 Pernštejn Castle                   49.4518367N, 16.3165897E
5 Hradec nad Moravicí Castle    49.8653469N, 17.8747475E
6 Hostýn Basilica                     49.3768375N, 17.6996717E
7 Beckov Castle                      48.7900456N, 17.8984933E
8 Hardegg Castle                     48.8523608N, 15.8589819E
Checkpoints short route:
1 Kadaň Castle                        50.3749614N, 13.2697147E
2 Švihov Water Castle              49.4794433N, 13.2849981E
3 Golden Crown Monastery 48.8550531N, 14.3703339E
4 Pernštejn Castle                    49.4518367N, 16.3165897E
Route division:
The long and short routes split at checkpoint 4, below Pernštejn Castle. If the route is changed from short to long, 5 hours will be added to the total time of the competitor concerned.
Challenge 300
Some people jump into long distance with straight legs, some people don't. For the latter we have a route - Challenge 300. Just take off and go around the 300. In one day, in one go.
You will ride along a pre-determined route (GPX), along the Polish side of the Giant Mountains, around the Jizera Mountains, through the beautiful places of the Bohemian Paradise back to Zacler. 
The start will be the same as the Tour of the Republic 2024, on 24 August, at 9.45. Each competitor will receive a tracker and a commemorative medal after completing the Challenge 300. Start and finish at Rýchor Square.
Presentation: on Friday 23.8. from 18.00 to 20.00 in the gym of the Žacléř Kindergarten
Saturday 24.8. from 7.30 to 9.00 a.m. at Rýchorské náměstí
Overnight stay before the start: in the gym of the Žacléř Kindergarten, open from 18.00, free of charge. You have to leave the building by 9.00 am.
Vehicle parking: according to the organizer's instructions on site.
After finishing at the finish line: at the finish line, shower, basic refreshment, overnight stay.
- each competitor participates in the race at his own risk
- the race is run in full road traffic. The participant acknowledges that he/she will obey the rules of the road
- the organisers shall not be liable for any damage to health or property incurred by the participant in connection with the race, nor for any damage caused by the participant to a third party
- the route must be covered on a bicycle (gravel, road, trekking...) with the strength of one's own muscles and without support
- the route must be completed without any assistance. In practice, this means that if you want to ride in a clean jersey, you must take it with you, or wash it after the trip, or buy a new one. The same principle applies to bike servicing, catering, accommodation etc. All participants must have the same opportunity
- when riding at night or in bad conditions, the rider must be equipped with a reflective vest or reflective braces or other similar device to ensure good visibility and also with a front and rear light. Remember that in conditions of limited visibility and prolonged fatigue, your ability to make a realistic assessment of the risks is limited (if you pass an ocean liner or a herd of giraffes crossing your path, stop immediately, take a photo and go to sleep)
- a bicycle helmet is a matter of course (essential) during the ride as well as at all other races
- the organizer does not provide any insurance for the participants. Insurance in case of injury or other health complications, including liability for material damage, must be handled by each participant on his/her own, at his/her own expense and responsibility
- only persons who are aware of their health, physical condition and ability not only to complete the race but also to withdraw from it in case of complications may participate
- in case of withdrawal, the competitor is obliged to inform the race organiser immediately
- Ignorance of the rules of the Tour of the Republic 1500 / 900 / 300 as set out in the regulations is not accepted as an excuse
- it is forbidden to throw away any food packaging from gels, bottles, food, etc. on the road during the event under penalty of disqualification
- the route, travel time, places to stay overnight and refill food, etc. are at the participant's own discretion and according to the current situation
- this is an unsupported race, food, drink, accommodation, service and other essentials should therefore always be dealt with by the participant in the actual location, without prior planning. Any planned logistical support is prohibited
- the organiser recommends that participants wear light-coloured clothing when riding
- do not listen to music on headphones when cycling
- changes or additions to the regulations are subject to change
- and finally the most important thing: never forget your own safety and fair play

Around the Republic 2024

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